Blog: May Campaign Update

Two months ago, I officially registered to run for re-election on a chilly morning in March. Since then, it’s not just the weather that has warmed up! Our campaign is now in full swing as we reach out to residents in every corner of our beautiful city.

I’d like to give you a brief update on the campaign two months in. 

Canvassing and literature drops


We've been working hard knocking on doors and dropping off pamphlets the past few weeks. Our team has been reaching out to neighbourhoods all over Ottawa - in the east, west, south, and downtown.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak with residents directly, in the community, and on their door steps, to hear about the issues that matter most to them. I am grateful for all the feedback about City of Ottawa programs and services and I am humbled by the positive reaction I've received when speaking with residents. Many people have already put in their lawn sign orders for September!

Let me also say thank you to the volunteers who have canvassed and dropped brochures already - I am impressed with your enthusiasm and so happy to have your help. 

We will be continuing to spread the message of progress in the months ahead, leading up to the election on October 27. See below for ways that you can volunteer.

Community outreach

gggs.jpgTeam Watson was front and centre this past weekend at the Great Glebe Garage Sale! We had lots of people come by our booth on Glebe Avenue to learn more about the campaign.

My thanks to the volunteers who came out to help. You will see our team at lots of different events all summer long – be sure to come by to say hello!

You can check out photos from the campaign trail on my Facebook page. Be sure to share your own and we’ll add them to the album!

Join Team Watson

Did you know that Ottawa is bigger than the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary put together? With such a big city, we need a big team to reach out to neighbours in every corner of it!

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in the campaign – whether it’s canvassing, dropping brochures, donating, helping with office work (when we have our campaign office) or pulling vote on Election Day or driving voters to the polls.

You can sign up easily here and let us know how you can help:

See you soon,